We love to work on our house

When I was looking for a apartment to rent, I had a few things that were honestly pressing to me.

I needed to have good roommates, my associate and I needed to find a arena with a giant backyard so I could have a dog, and I wanted to be able to split the apartment somewhat down the middle. In my opinion, it always works best for roommates to be able to delineate distinct areas of the apartment for their use and general passage. Luckily, this worked out perfectly. My roommates have the front of the apartment and I have the back of the house. I even have my own separate door. I honestly love being able to look out into the backyard, and there are tall bushes outside of my windows that supply visual interest and privacy. What I like most about the bushes, however, is there a parent appeal for local birds, however every afternoon, I have an assortment of songbirds that hang in the window. Well, I used to. Then, air conditioning season started, but since we have been running the indoor cooling system, I’ve observed a steep decline in the number of birds who visit my window. In my opinion, it’s because the air conditioning condenser is located too close to the bushes. The loud piece of air handling unit stirs up a lot of dirt and noise pollution every time the A/C turns on. The giant cooling system component is located right next to my bushes, and I’ve seen the birds fluttering away in a panic as cool air comes flowing out of my air vents indoors… As the summer time heat rolls into our region, there has not much my associate and I can do about the need for air conditioning. I just hope that my birds get used to the sound.
Heating technician