Warm areas should get heat pumps

My section basically requires AC 90% of the time, and there are around 6 weeks that get pretty freezing to where a boiler would be nice.

The boiler doesn’t entirely do much or have sizable demands located on it, but well once my fireplace quit I started looking at different options, i found that a heat pump system was the ideal system for my location.

With a heat pump you get two for one, however both heating and cooling in a single unit, then how it operates is super efficient. It moves existing heat energy where you want it, however operating like a cooling system for the Summer season, it provides perfect indoor air when I want it. The ductless heat pump can be zone control operated with a Wi-Fi control unit. It makes everything simple and streamlined. Then during the winter season the heat pmp swings settings to a boiler. The heating function is pumping hot air from outside the condo to the inside. It is cleaner and more efficient. You don’t burn and churn fuels, making it a red system. What I liked is that it is such a love of energy costs. What is fantastic is that the heating function won’t work if temperatures drop below 40 degrees. In my section that is never a problem, so the heat pump gets the job done. I like having individual air handlers and one outdoor unit. I have freed up space in the utility closest and gotten ultimate indoor air comfort! For those in warmer locations, a heat pump can’t be beat.


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