The landlord needs to call a Chicago AC repair provider

I rent in Chicago, IL due to where I work.

I live in a tiny apartment right in the middle of the city.

I have an open floor plan with the kitchen and living room. I have a sectioned-off bedroom and one small bathroom. It isn’t very big or grand, but it does the job well. I don’t need to worry about a yard or hiring a cleaner. I can maintain my very small square footage without a hitch. I like that I rent too. It is nice that if anything is wrong with the place, I just call the landlord. I have been especially grateful this summer since I have called multiple times for a Chicago, IL AC repair. My landlord fancies himself a handyman. Multiple times he has come into my apartment attempting to fix the air conditioner. The issue is simple, there is hot air coming out of the vents. I think that means more refrigerant. Only a Chicago AC repair business is able to handle that liquid. You need a special license. Why do I know all this? I have looked it up since the Illinois AC repair is taking so long. My landlord has tried three times and still hasn’t fixed it. This most recent time I left him a voicemail saying I think I need more refrigerant and only Chicago AC repair companies carry it. So I am hopeful that I am going to get a visit from a professional Chicago, IL AC repair provider. I think my landlord is just trying to save a quick buck.

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