Taking the day off and having a broken HVAC system

I have a friend who every Sunday night says that he is not going to work the next day.

We always have to hear him talk about how he doesn’t want to go into work on Monday.

He always hates going in on Monday and considers taking the day off. We tend to just laugh and ignore that fact. Well, one day he actually did decide to take off. We were all very surprised at him. Unfortunately for him though, the day that he took off was the day that his HVAC system broke down on him. Isn’t that some luck? I think he was cursed because he took the day off of work for no reason. He had to spend the day calling the HVAC company to come to his house. Meanwhile he had spent all day with no heat on in the house. He waited around almost all day for the HVAC technician to show up at his house. Once he finally did the HVAC technician took quite a while to fix the HVAC system. Finally, by the time the HVAC technician had left, it would have been the time he had gotten home from work. Ever since that day he has gone in on a Monday. He never even jokes that he is going to take off now too. I think that there is some kind of lesson to be learned. Maybe don’t take the day off of work just because you feel like it. You might end up with a very broken HVAC system. That is truly not very fun on a day off.



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