Sealing up my house from outdoor air

For many years I have been concerned about the outdoor air quality.

It seems like there’s a lot of pollution in our city, and nobody really takes the airborne contamination very seriously.

There’s always unhealthy substances, including dust and debris floating through our air at such a concentration that you can see it in the bright sunlight. When a fog of pollution covers our city, I absolutely want to close up my house and try to filter out as many toxins as I can. That’s why, I originally had my air media purification system installed in my home and connected directly to my central heating, cooling, and ventilation system. The air media purifier is simply another stage in my indoor air treatment as I funnel it through my air ducts and air handling devices. The air media purification system has several important features, including specialized HEPA air filters that are designed to filter out tiny microbiological substances. It also has powerful UV lights inside that are supposed to disinfect air as it passes through these specialized chambers. When I had my air media purification system installed, my friends and family thought that I was a little kooky for having a medical-grade indoor air quality. Nowadays, with the growing public panic over air quality and infectious contaminants, everyone has been praising my foresight and extremely healthy air. They actually keep asking to come and stay in my home to take advantage of the cleanliness. Too bad, I’ve basically sealed up my house from the outside. I’ve stockpiled my HEPA air filters, and I’m ready to rely on my air purification system until the end of time.


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