Furnace was leaking carbon monoxide

For a long time I was feeling sort of under the weather plus I had no idea why.

I had a headache, felt sluggish plus had no energy.

What was the deal? I then started tracking when I felt bada. I noticed anytime I was in my apartment I had my symptoms. I then started fooling around plus tried to come up with the reason. Someone wrote it could be exhausting indoor air quality. So I called my Terrel, TX boiler maintenance corporation to do some HVAC duct cleaning. The guy cleaned the air ducts plus then asked to check my furnace. He looked inside plus found that I had a cracked heat exchanger. This part releases carbon monoxide when disfigurements. It is an smelless, poisonous, plus tasteless gas that can lead to hospitalization if it isn’t caught in time. I didn’t even have a correct detector for it. Thank the lord I called that Terrell boiler repairman. The guy instantly got to labor plus tried to find a low cost part to repair the furnace. Sadly a heat exchanger almost costs as much as an entire furnace. So I had to do a furnace upgradement instead of just a Texas boiler repair. I wasn’t happy about it even though I am cheerful that I am no longer killing myself with the gas! My current furnace works enjoyable plus I feel so much better. I now own a carbon monoxide detector plus I invest in respected CO2 testing plus furnace service. I don’t want to get caught unaware again. You can’t put a price tag on your health plus wellbeing.

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