First time dealing with Florida cooling repairs

My boyfriend and I made a plan to move to Jacksonville, FL after we graduated college. Well, my boyfriend ended up getting cold feet and staying in our home state. I moved to Florida as a single gal and started fresh. It was daunting and scary, but I have made it. I started out renting apartments in the Jacksonville area and that was nice. Anytime I had a Jacksonville, FL ac repair, I just called the landlord and he went to a local dealer to take care of the problem. I never watched the air conditioner repairman at work. I never asked what was wrong. I simply dealt with inferior cooling and made a phone call. Since I have moved a little more south, but still am a Jacksonville native. I have my own house and I am pretty proud of it. It is great for deciding paint colors, rugs, furniture, dishes, etc. What isn’t so fun is that all the upkeep is on me. I do all my own yard work as far as mowing, weeding, and trimming go. I handle any sort of small repair that crops up in the home. When my air conditioner went out, I knew I was in trouble. I am not a DIY expert on Florida air conditioner repairs. I ended up googling Jacksonville cooling repairs near me. The guy they sent out was super nice and this time I did pay attention to what he did. I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything right. The guy informed me that there are air filters in the systems that have to be changed monthly. I have never done that before.


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