AC installation occasions for an older condo in FL

I obtained an older condo in Palm Bay, FL, and unfortunately since it was older the condo didn’t have any ductwork installed in it, so that ruled out installing a central a/c.

I talked to an a/c corporation operating in Palm Bay in addition to they informed me installing ductwork was too invasive. The older condo would fall to pieces when talking down the walls in addition to fitting in the heavy ductwork. The guy commanded either going with a ductless choice or a high velocity cooling system. I looked into high velocity AC in Palm Bay, FL. This has the best of both worlds, and you get ductwork however it is half the size. The ducts are small, flexible in addition to can actually fit into the slats of an older home. Holes are drilled rather than walls taken down. The name actually fits how the system operates as well. The air quickly whips around the home, lowering the temperature in a few minutes quite easily. So you get the benefit of ductwork without the hassle of installation in addition to scrubbing… Finding an AC installation corporation in Palm Bay, FL that gave high velocity installation was tough. I lucked out in addition to finding a supplier that does all sorts of FL AC installation jobs. Now that I have high velocity AC, I couldn’t go back to a more basic model. I care that the entire condo is getting called to the same temperature. I like that the condo is still going strong despite its age. High velocity AC is really the best cooling choice out there for FL homeowners like myself.


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