Working out while traveling

I am required to do a lot of traveling for my job.

I spend more nights sleeping in hotel beds than my own.

I drive rental cars and eat at restaurants most of the time. I waste endless hours sitting in airport terminals and at work conferences. For the most part, I like. I get to see all different parts of the country and constantly meet new people. However, my lifestyle can be very unhealthy. I’ve needed to be proactive to keep fit and healthy. I make an effort to stay at hotels that include a fitness center. I work long hours, so I typically need to complete my workout very early in the morning or late in the evening. It’s super helpful if I have 24/7 access to a gym. Most of these hotel fitness centers offer little more than a treadmill, stationary bike and barely enough room to sit down and stretch. When the accommodations don’t include a gym, I pack a jump rope, resistance bands and a yoga mat. Even with very little space, I manage to work up a good sweat, elevate my heart rate and accomplish a beneficial workout. Sometimes, if I’m in a safe enough area and the weather permits, I’ll go for a run. I prioritize a thorough stretch because it helps me to avoid soreness and stiffness. I also need to be conscientious about my diet. I take the time to stop at a grocery store and purchase healthy foods and snacks such as fresh fruits and vegetables. When I go out to eat, I typically order salads and get the dressing on the side.

Corporate Wellness Programs

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