When the AC broke, the bill skyrocketed

The person who owns my home is a very mean person.

The two of us never entirely met this person because the people I was with and myself were out of town when we actually rented the house. We had to move quickly and only spoke through text messages. When the people I was with and myself met this person for one time, we told the person that the air conditioner felt a door it was not properly working. The landlord completely ignored my request for service and I finally had to get her to give me the name of the dealership that Services the air conditioner. Our air vents leaked a lot of are due to problematic holes. The electric bill was double where it should be. The landlord refused to provide any type of letter to report the condition of the air conditioner. I had to get a deal and contact the electrical supplier. The bill absolutely showed that the AC had high usage and more than it should. The electric supplier nicely has a program to forgive some of your bill when there is an AC or a plumbing problem. They send an expert to provide a consultation at your Lake home and check all of the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning systems to look for a problem. The bill can be reduced if they find an issue. These places also have education programs that allow you to learn how to save money and reduce your energy bills each month.

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