Wedding would have benefited from air conditioning

My sister Tammy got married last June. She was a difficult bride and came up with a long list of over-the-top demands. Her bridal gown, the bouquets and cake were all special orders and cost a fortune. Tammy also was adamant that her ceremony and reception be held outside. She’d come across an open-air venue that is truly gorgeous. The venue features a small man-made lake where there’s lots of ducks, geese and swans. A large dock extends out over the water. The whole area is dotted with willow trees. Tere’s fields of wildflowers and a wooden gazebo that’s an ideal setting for photographs. Unfortunately, there is no place to get out of the weather. The only covered sections are the bathrooms, bar and a prep area that is off-limits to guests. We all attempted to talk Tammy out of choosing this spot. We cautioned that the weather in June is unpredictable and often unpleasant. We’ve had frost and needed to run our heater at that time of year. We’ve seen temperatures in the high eighties with ungodly high humidity, making the air conditioner essential. Despite all of our warnings, Nancy scheduled her wedding outside. The morning of her ceremony was perfect conditions. We had blue skies and sunshine. However, some dark clouds rolled in and the afternoon temperature heated up steadily. By the time we gathered for the vows, air conditioning would have been appreciated. We were all sweating profusely. A bridesmaid got sunburn and the flower girl got stung by a bee. The best man bearer fell in the lake and the groom’s father stepped in duck poop. Most of the guests left when it started to rain. They found a bar down the road that had a/c and cheap drinks.


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