We are saving a killing on the energy bills with the new smart thermostat

My wife has always thought of the most practical solutions to our problems.

  • When I was telling her we needed to figure out how to save more money, she started looking into energy saving tips.

While she discovered many ways to save on energy, one of the best ideas she had was to invest in a smart thermostat. At first I didn’t understand how we would save money when it was only a new thermostat, but she explained that smart thermostats allow the HVAC to work in a more energy efficient manner. She also explained how the thermostat works to learn your preferred temperature control settings and before you know it, you hardly ever have to adjust the temperature control settings. So we invested in this smart thermostat and it truly was a blessing. I didn’t expect to save nearly as much as she did on the energy bills and I dare say it’s more than 15% savings. We have done other things to save though and that’s using LED light bulbs and we also are using special curtains that connect to the smart thermostat as well. They provide the shading we need when the rays of the sun are providing the most intense heating through the window. When the shades close, they do so because the smart thermostat directs them. This is something we would forget to do all the time and that heating energy would get into the house and cause the A/C system to work harder. Now, we don’t have to worry so much and we are saving a killing on the energy bills.
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