The ladies were getting drastically different prices

During freshman year, I joined a nice sorority house.

  • It was absolutely cool and I knew I was going to miss being with my family.

The people I was Within Myself had a great Bond and joining this sorority was a way to help with that Bond as well. I met superb women along the way and became friends with lots of people. When I was living in the sorority house, the people I was with and myself had a lot of ups and downs. One big problem was the fact that the AC system needed to be replaced in the several story house. The 4 ton AC needed to be extremely powerful, but we seem to have problems every month and the energy bill was getting larger and larger. The people I was with and myself had to have a fundraiser for installation of the brand up-to-date heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. We had a couple of up-to-date members that year and the den mother decided to call around for dealerships to get quotes and prices for the new heating, ventilation and AC system. The cooling industry showed us that they are sexist when they gave us an estimate for the brand new system. The den mother keeps in contact with several of the fraternities and she purposely called that place because the fraternity got a great price on the new heating, ventilation as well as AC system. The price that we received for the same system was drastically higher and there is no reason it should be like that unless it absolutely has to do with the fact that read is a sorority and not a fraternity.

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