Setting up a home gym:

Moving out of the city into a more rural area offered a lot of benefits for my family.

  • We were able to purchase a much bigger house surrounded by enough property for the kids to play safely.

We finally had enough space to get a dog and put in a backyard swimming pool. The kids now each have their own bedrooms and a basement game room. My husband has a garage and tool shed where he can work on his many projects. I am delighted with my much bigger kitchen and abundance of closets. I love finally having gardens and a front porch where I can drink my morning coffee. However, I was forced to give up my gym membership. It’s now almost an hour’s drive to the nearest fitness center. I needed to figure out a new way to meet my fitness goals. When the weather cooperates, I’m just as happy going for a long run. I like to ride my bike. Unfortunately, the conditions are rather severe for most of the year. The winters tend to last a minimum of six months and the temperature is typically below freezing with lots of snow. The spring and fall are often rainy, windy and cold. In the summer, the heat and humidity can be difficult. Setting up a home gym was a priority. I was able to convert a section of the basement into my workout space. This required the installation of a dehumidifier and the purchase of fitness equipment. I was rather shocked by the price tag on even the most basic workout gear. I started slow, buying just a yoga mat, jump rope and a few free weights. I’ve gradually added to my collection. For every Christmas holiday, anniversary, birthday and Mother’s Day, I ask for either fitness clothing or equipment. I now have a treadmill and stationary bike in the basement. While it’s not the same as a gym membership, I like the convenience of having everything I need right downstairs.

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