Roof replacement makes home more energy efficient

I waited a long time before finally hiring a professional roofing contractor.

The roof on our house was really old and leaking.

Whenever we experienced a rainstorm, my wife and I needed to rush around and set up pots and pans to collect the drips. I was aware that the moisture was going to cause extensive damage if I didn’t get the issue taken care of sooner rather than later. However, I also was aware that our roof had been patched many times, meaning that the whole thing needed to be replaced. The roofers had no option but to remove the old roof entirely. They tore the layers down to uncover the bare studs. To reduce the risk of rain, the job was scheduled at the end of June. That is one of the hottest times of the year in our local area. While we were happy to avoid getting wet, we were also left without air conditioning. During the day, the outside temperature soared into the high eighties and the home was unbearable. The temperature didn’t provide much relief at night. We suffered through intensive heat, humidity, bugs, dust and debris. It was a lengthy, frustrating and messy project. When the roofing company finally cleaned up and I paid the bill, I was anxious to start up the air conditioner. I lowered the setting on the thermostat and was fully prepared for the cooling system to struggle to cool the house down. I assumed it would need at least a full day before the home felt comfortable. However, the air conditioner achieved the thermostat setting within the hour. Putting on the new roof has made our home so much more energy efficient. I now pay a lot less in utility bills. The home stays cleaner and the air conditioner and furnace don’t need to run as often.



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