My crazy child wants to install an advanced HVAC system in his home

I genuinely believed our kid was nuts when he was talking about installing his own HVAC system in the condo he just purchased.

  • I was happy that he obtained his own place, although I wasn’t sure if his head was screwed on right taking on an HVAC upgrade.

First of all, I had to point out the fact that he had no HVAC professional experience. He never had any college other than an online HVAC certificate – which I didn’t know was feasible. Anyway, he mentioned the online videos as well as tutorials he had studied to install a ductless mini split. He said it wasn’t super complicated at all as well as he said these advanced HVAC systems could be installed without an HVAC technician. I was skeptical although I told him not to do anything without me being there. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t do something stupid or get himself killed. I mean, I already thought it was foolish he was installing his own HVAC being a non-professional, however he was determined to make this possible. I was a little pissed when he first got started with 1 of the more straight-forward tasks as well as that was installing the base for the outdoor condenser unit. All he had to do was make the ground level for the base. I told him he could always pour cement to make a level base, however he just used something he bought from the store that was really expensive. He couldn’t make it level, although I ended up helping him out with that. He did OK with everything else, though I was distraught at times, especially with the electrical work. He finished the upgrade though, as well as making it functional. I know it wasn’t such a bad system after all, even though his HVAC warranty is certainly void.

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