Leaky ductwork was the start of all our summer AC problems

About two summers ago, our parents opted to go on holiday alone.

My brother and I were old enough to be left home alone.

Besides, we had summer jobs that would keep up busy for the entire season. I dropped my parents off at the airport one morning. After saying goodbye, I went back to the house to get ready for work. When I got home, I found my brother in the basement looking at the air conditioning ductwork. There was a massive puddle of water on the floor that seemed to be coming from the air vent. My brother told me there was something wrong with the AC system. It was leaking water and seemed to be louder than usual. I was in a hurry, and so was he. We decided to leave the HVAC unit since it was still cooling the house and rushed to work. We would check on it later when we got back home. That evening I came home to a hot and stuffy house since the AC system had shut down. We had made a huge mistake of not phoning the AC company that morning for assistance. There was no way I was staying in such a muggy house, so I decided to call the HVAC business for emergency repair services. I knew it would cost us extra because it was already past working hours. But it was better than staying without air conditioning on a hot summer night. The AC technician arrived at our home at the same time my brother was pulling up the driveway. I let them both in, and the HVAC expert began checking the AC system for faults leading to the duct leaks. It turns out sections of our air vents were worn out after years of use. We needed new ductwork in the whole house to prevent the same problem from replicating itself everywhere.

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