Keeping up with the newest A/C technology

It always amazes me when I turn on the TV and there is always some new technology that is coming out.

It is incredible watching all of the things humanity can accomplish.

Back in my day, we didn’t have any of the things that modern kids have now. Because of the rapid pace of technology, it is getting harder and harder for me to keep up. I now have to constantly rely on my grown kids to explain all of the new technology and how I would go about operating it. One of these new technology things that I am talking about is a little unexpected, but it’s actually heating and cooling technology. Back in my day, I only had a swamp cooler to help me stay cool. Now when I search for HVAC equipment, I see almost a million results come up, and it’s so hard to know what does what and which of all of those is the best. This is where I usually rely on my kids, but in this case I had to rely on my heating and air conditioning technician. Thankfully for me, this HVAC technician was really kind and patient and explained all of the different and newest models of A/C units. He also helped me find the one that was perfect for me. Later on, my kids were introducing me to another new technology, it is called a smart thermostat. My kids had a heating and air conditioner specialist come out and install it for me, and I was fascinated with it. I didn’t think they would make a thermostat touch screen, and I was even more impressed when I found out you could program your A/C and heater from your phone.


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