I started to feel the comfort from going to church with my wife

I never was so thrilled about going to church when I was young. My wife always wanted me to come to church with the children but I just never had the desire. Finally the one time she got me to come along with her, I was amazed by the pleasant temperature control settings and the wonderful air quality. I asked my wife if it was always so comfortable in her church and she said it was and I definitely was missing out. Hearing the word of God was actually soothing and I enjoyed the visit quite a bit. I appreciate the air quality so much that I asked someone there about it. They said they used a UV air purification system in the building which utilized HEPA filters. They said that the HEPA filters made it so 99.9% of contaminants were caught and the air quality was good because of this. This sounded amazing to me and I appreciated the fact that they seemed to care about the church members so much. I decided to keep going back to the church at first just to enjoy the comfort from their impressive HVAC system and air purification system. Eventually though, the sermons started to move me and I felt greater peace in my life. I finally was able to understand why my wife loved going to church so much. While the temperature control settings were great, it was the feeling of the spirit that really moved the soul ultimately. Of course it helps when everybody feels comfortable though with fantastic air quality.
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