I remember the first car we got for our son

Our son was really excited when we got him a new vehicle. Except, it wasn’t new, it was a good 10 years old, but it was in great condition with low mileage. My son said he wasn’t trying to complain, but he pointed out that the A/C system wasn’t working. I laughed and told him that was easy to fix. I took him to the auto parts store and we got an A/C refrigerant refill kit for his car. Then I showed him how to refill the refrigerant to the A/C system of the car and when we turned on the A/C again, it was blowing out ice-cold air. My son was so thrilled about that and wouldn’t believe how easy it was to get the air conditioning system to work again. Before I knew it, he was going on all kinds of dates with different girls. I mean, it was an older car, but it had a nice style to it and I knew his dates had to appreciate the air conditioning. Our son learned how to be responsible with his car and he washed it regularly. He even would change the oil on his own and he got pretty good at that. He said he just enjoyed taking care of the car because then it should take good care of him. That car lasted him a long time before he finally traded it in for something a lot nicer. His new car has ridiculous features like smart control over the temperature control with his Alexa device. The system hooks to his phone and he can say what the temperature needs to be and Alexa takes care of it, it’s crazy.
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