I made the mistake of trying to fix the A/C on my own when I didn’t know what I was doing

I guess I was pretty foolish for trying to fix the HVAC system on my own.

There was this crazy gushing water pouring out of the HVAC unit and I wanted to fix the issue on my own.

I figured it had to be something to do with the condensate pan or something or maybe there was something frozen that was thawing out, I was unsure. Regardless, I attempted to take apart the section of ductwork that connects to the HVAC unit to see what was happening inside. Well, this was a foolish move because the piece of ductwork that I tried pulling apart had a sharp edge that cut through my hand like butter. Oh it was a deep and nasty cut and blood was spilling all over the place. I immediately had to grab a nearby towel to apply pressure to my wound and I told my wife to take me to the emergency room. I couldn’t believe I was there in the hospital while shivering because the A/C was cranked up too high. But I felt like an idiot because I should have called the HVAC professionals. As I was there in the hospital, I thought about how that leak was probably still happening every time the A/C kicked on back at home. Fortunately, my wife told me that she called the HVAC professional and he fixed everything. It was a clogged up condensate drain that was the issue and I didn’t have to pull apart the ductwork to get to the issue! The HVAC professional was shaking his head according to my wife when he saw where I cut my hand. She cleaned up all the blood, but he imagined it must have been a nasty cut, which it was indeed.

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