I love my new HVAC and I saved so much money

When we ordered the HVAC and had it delivered, I was so excited when it finally arrived.

I was glad when my brother said he wanted to help me install a new HVAC system at my house. I never even knew that would be possible, but he let me know when I let him know that I needed to get a new HVAC system soon. I was concerned about the high cost of installing a new HVAC system as I had quotes from different HVAC companies. Little did I know I could have an HVAC system installed without the help of the professionals. My brother told me all about it and actually got me excited about how much money I would save. I was a little concerned about the warranty, but he showed me there was a certain brand of ductless mini split where they meet you halfway with the warranty. If you are a non-professional installing the system correctly, they basically give you 5 years for parts and labor. If it were a professional installation they give you 10 years. And honestly for the price, 5 years isn’t that bad to have everything covered. My brother said it should last me a good 20 years though with regular maintenance and repairs over the years. When we ordered the HVAC and had it delivered, I was so excited when it finally arrived. My brother and I got to work and he made everything look easy. He even pointed out the small things that I would have overlooked like spraying an insulation foam to fill up all gaps in the line sets going through the walls. The equipment came with a clay that you fill up the gaps with, but he said the foam was better because it expanded and made sure everything was covered and insulated properly. I love the new HVAC.

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