I invested in a tagless t-shirt digital printers for my custom clothing store

I wasn’t happy working in the insurance agency after 10 years of constant stress, questionable job security, and minimal opportunities for upward mobility.

I received two raises in the course of a decade, and many of my friends said I was stupid for staying in a job that doesn’t value me enough as an employee.

Since I had put all of my eggs in the insurance basket, I either had to go back to school or take a leap of faith in starting my own business. As a hobby I had been making custom t-shirts for friends, family, and personal use. At one point someone told me that I should start a company making custom clothing. Before making the jump into running a full fledged business, I tried to sell a few t-shirts on Ebay. When those sold out within a week, I decided to give it a shot and started an online custom clothing store. I found a great vendor to get brandless t-shirts, sweaters, hats, jackets, and other clothing items that I use as a blank canvass for whatever my customers want. I even let customers upload their own jpegs to put on the clothing they order. Otherwise there are a number of options available to everyone. Recently I invested in a tagless t-shirt digital printer because I made the push to using tagless t-shirts only. I had too many negative reviews about uncomfortable tags so I bought the tagless t-shirt digital printer. With this new printer I can print my company logo directly onto the shirts where the tags would normally be. This should address any of my previous negatives reviews.


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