I insisted that an HVAC professional come out to repair the leaking HVAC unit

I was thankful when I was able to find an affordable apartment, but it was crazy to see the HVAC unit in such a confined space inside one of the closets.

One thing is for sure, I felt bad for the HVAC professional when he had to come out to work on the HVAC system.

I had to call for help one day when the HVAC unit was leaking a bunch of water everywhere and it was starting to soak the carpet. I was alarmed because I thought the HVAC system had been maintained properly over the years. When the HVAC professional came out, he said the issue was rather simple and easy to remedy. He said the condensate drain line was clogged. Because of this, the pan that catches all the condensate became overfilled and water was leaking all over the place instead of going into the condensate pump which it is supposed to do. He cleaned the drain up and before I knew it, there was no more leaking water coming from the HVAC system. I wasn’t too happy about the cost for the HVAC service though. Perhaps I should have called around to find a better price, but I ended up taking it out of the rent anyway! It’s funny because the landlord wanted me to just have his handyman take care of it, but I insisted on the professional service call. It’s likely that the handyman would have solved the issue without the need of having an HVAC certification. That’s probably what the landlord is thinking anyways.

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