I couldn’t stand being in the overheated courtroom with miserable temperature control settings

One thing I really can’t stand much is going to court.

  • Unfortunately, I had to go to court for child custody complications on numerous occasions.

I tried to get custody of my son, but it just didn’t work out for me in court. For starters, it was clear that they favored the mother for no other reason than she was the mother. It seems it goes this way often in most cases these days. Well, I was miserable the first day going into the court and to make matters worse the temperature control settings were awful. In the proceedings before going to trial, I saw dust floating in the air and it was distracting me. The judge asked if I was okay and told me to pay attention because these were important matters. It was hard to even be in there and I was having trouble breathing with the poor air quality. I did ask the judge if they were planning to fix the air quality soon and she took it as an insult instead of a genuine concern of mine. I guess I couldn’t be surprised when my wife was able to get full custody because she didn’t make any complaints about the temperature control settings or air quality. The thing is, she was not fit to raise our son and I tried to show this to the court. Things didn’t work out in my favor, but I was glad when I didn’t have to go back to court anymore where it seemed they didn’t take care of their HVAC system. Fortunately I have my son to visit all the time where the temperature control settings are perfect and the air quality is great for his health.
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