Getting a lot out of a swimming workout

I’ve always loved swimming for enjoyment on a hot summer day. I kept my workouts separate. To keep myself fit, strong and at a healthy weight, I devote an hour per day to some type of exercise. I am conscientious about incorporating all different styles of workouts into my regiment. I lift weights, run, bike, jump rope, swat and whatever works up a sweat. I always considered swimming as a reward and strictly for pleasure. It’s so enjoyable that it seemed impossible that swimming could be beneficial for burning calories. One of the many advantages of swimming is that it avoids impact on my joints. I can swim for hours and never suffer an injury or suffer stiffness or soreness. Swimming also offers a lot of versatility and works all different muscles. I can swim laps and utilize a variety of strokes to target my shoulders, arms, back, abdominal muscles and legs. I can tread water. Probably the most advantageous workout is water aerobics. I run, jump, squat, kick and do the same maneuvers that I would do on land. Although the water slows everything down, it also requires more effort and burns extra calories. Since I’ve been incorporating swimming, treading water and water aerobics into my workouts, I’ve noticed an improvement in my level of stamina and strength. I’ve also lost some weight. Plus, because I really enjoy the workout, I spend more time doing it. Because I don’t want to give up swimming when the weather changes, I’ve found a nearby gym that includes an indoor pool.


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