Can’t imagine going without air conditioning

I live in a part of the country with especially hot and humid weather conditions.

  • The summer season is especially challenging.

On the days when we get a quick rain shower, the humidity actually gets worse. The days seem to always be slightly muggy and sticky, and I swear the air fails to cool off even after the sun sets. I get sweaty just walking between the air-conditioned office and my car. I can’t even imagine trying to get along without air conditioning. I have invested a significant amount of money to make sure my home is consistently maintained at a comfortable temperature. I chose a top-of-the-line, modern cooling unit that includes adaptable-speed technology. This sophisticated engineering enables the equipment to automatically cater speed to demands. Instead of blasting at max capacity and then shut down completely over and over again, the cooling system is able to run at lower speeds for longer duration. The tiny adjustments maintain a very consistent comfort. It prevents unpleasant temperature swings and uses far less energy. My air conditioner offers up to 26 SEER, making it quite environmentally responsible and cost-effective; Plus it takes advantage of Puron refrigerant and avoids ozone-depleting properties. To further lower operational costs, I’ve installed a whole-home dehumidifier. The air conditioner is great for keeping us cool, but it’s not designed to pull moisture out of the air. The dehumidifier eliminates that sticky feeling and combats the chance of mold and mildew growth. By regulating humidity levels, the air feels cooler and let me set a higher temperature on the thermostat.

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