Buying a stationary bike

For a long time, I only had the basics of a home gym.

I’d purchased good quality but the least expensive types of fitness equipment.

I researched and found a highly rated and especially durable yoga mat. I spent extra for a jump rope that won’t ever knot, tangle or fray. My home gym provided access to eight-pound, five-pound and two-pound free weights, several resistance bands, a weighted ball and weighted poles. While all of these accessories are beneficial, I wanted a bigger piece of equipment. In the area where I live, the weather rarely allows me to go for a run, ride my bike or handle my workout regiment outdoors. I prefer breathing fresh air and having plenty of space but need to utilize indoor options the majority of the time. My workouts were getting repetitive and stale. I saved my money to afford a more complex piece of equipment and read up on the many options. There’s a nearless endless variety of manufacturers and models of ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines and more. I looked into the pros and cons of each. I hoped to find something fairly compact that wouldn’t put too much stress on my joints. I wanted a machine that would operate quietly and burn a decent amount of calories in a short time. Plus, the machine needed to provide programming options to keep the workout interesting. I ultimately chose a stationary bike because it fulfills all of my requirements. I’ve been totally satisfied with the bike. I can increase the intensity of the workout by adding resistance or pedaling faster. The seat is comfortable and it offers a wide selection of programming options.
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