Brought my wife some roses and a few other surprises out of the blue

When I came home one day and gave my wife roses, she said that was so sweet.

She asked me what was going on though because it wasn’t her birthday and it wasn’t our anniversary or anything.

I told her that I just loved her and I wanted her to have something special to make her happy. I had a bag of some other things though and she asked me what was in the bag. I told her it was just another part of the surprise and smiled as I walked away. One thing that I had in the bag was a new smart thermostat. I actually spoke with an HVAC professional for a long time about different smart thermostats and what features they had to provide more comfort to your home. The thing that really got me was the fact that we would save a small fortune on the energy bills and the smart thermostat would eventually pay for itself. I installed the smart thermostat and then I gave my wife a few chocolates that were her favorite kind. She said I should act like this more often because it was really enjoyable. That evening after I showed her how to use the smart app to control the smart thermostat, I pulled out the wine and we toasted to having a beautiful marriage filled with love. We had a very pleasant evening and it was fun learning how to adjust the different settings on the smart thermostat. We got it into learning mode so that it would know our preferred temperature control settings without even having to program anything. It’s such a cool smart thermostat and it was a great surprise for my wife.

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