All about lowering the energy bills

If you are looking to lower your regular energy costs, I have the solution for you! Did you ever notice how while we were in the more frosty and sizzling times of the year your energy use goes up? Well, that is because you are consistently running your central heating and A/C unit.

It seems no matter where you set the temperature control it still makes your energy costs extremely high.

Now there’s a way you can entirely control that better, and this is by going out and purchasing both a portable space heating device and a portable air conditioning device. With a portable space heating system you can reduce the amount of time you have to have the central heating on. You can for instance use the portable space heating device to keep your room perfectly moderate while you sleep and turn off the central heating. Sure, the rest of your current household will freeze, but since you are not in those parts of the home when you sleep it certainly doesn’t matter. As long as you turn on the central heating device and let it run for about 10 to 15 mins before you venture out and start your day you are good! This is what I do. Then in the warm season with the portable air conditioning device I do another thing. I will use the portable air conditioning device in the residing room in the afternoon time if it is not super sizzling out and then at night turn on the central air conditioning device. This honestly makes a big difference!


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