Air conditioner gets fixed right before start of funeral

I attended funeral services last month.

A cousin of mine, who had been struggling with cancer treatments for quite some time, passed away.

Although her close friends and relatives had been preparing for her passing for a long time, it was no less heartcutting and a difficult situation. The funeral services were held locally. I arrived several hours early to offer my assistance in any way possible to her family. They had taken care of all of the various arrangements. As I entered the funeral home, I immediately realized there was a problem with the air conditioning. The indoor environment was especially warm and humid. It seemed as if the thermostat setting had been adjusted too high and the space allowed to hear up all night. The room hadn’t been effectively cooled down in preparation for the arrival of numerous people. With sunshine streaming through the windows, the temperature was steadily rising. The family was distracted and upset and not up to the responsibility of dealing with the concern. I let them know that I would find out what was happening with the air conditioner and get the problem resolved. I located the thermostat and lowered the setting down to 70 degrees. I heard the sounds of the cooling system starting up, but when I placed my palm against a nearby air vent, the air felt lukewarm at best. I managed to find the air filter in the unit. It was blocked with dust. After speaking with an employee of the funeral home, we came up with a new air filter and installed it. I went back to the supply vent and the air felt cooler but not adequately cold. I spoke with the same employee again, insisting that the issue needed to be repaired immediately. Fortunately, he had already called for repairs from a local HVAC company who had a technician en route. An hour before the funeral was scheduled to start, the HVAC tech showed up, made some adjustments to the unit and the air conditioner began pumping out cool air. I was thankful I had decided to show up early and was able to solve the cooling issue for the family.

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