Activities need to include temperature control

Every year, my wife, kids and I attend a local Pixar convention. It’s something we look forward to all year! Weall dress up as characters from one of the Pixar movies and spend our day at the convention center. The kids love seeing all the other characters represented. There is always a diversity of people and activities at the convention. We browse the work of artists and craftspeople, eat delicious snacks and try out different activities, such as virtual reality. One aspect of the convention that I appreciate is temperature control. We live in a part of the country where the weather conditions are typically severe. The winters around here are famous for temperatures below zero, brutal wind chill and tons of snow. The summers are regularly humid with temperatures in the high eighties. The months in-between are usually chilly, windy and wet. My family tried various activities held outdoors. While it’s fun to head to a theme park, beach or carnival, the weather can ruin the afternoon. It’s no fun either shivering or dripping with sweat. Especially when these activities cost a small fortune, it’s important that we actually enjoy ourselves. I’ve found that temperature control is a vital component. The kids can get unhappy very quickly if they are too hot or cold. The benefit of an air conditioned environment is appreciated. It makes for a more enjoyable experience. At home, we have access to the thermostat and use either the air conditioner or furnace for most of the difference. There’s no way I want to buy a ticket to an event and then get rained on or beat with sunshine all day.
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