Zone-controlled thermostats are cool

Zone-controlled thermostats are pretty neat.

Have you ever heard of them? I had never heard of zone-controlled thermostats until the HVAC technician told me about them. The HVAC technician mentioned it while I was talking about the central air conditioner that I have at my house. I was mentioning that I almost miss the window air conditioners because of how nice they were. With the window air conditioner, I was able to only cool one section of the house. If I had more than one window air conditioner, I could set different temperatures. My wife and I have different preferences when it comes to temperature, so we liked the adjustability of the window air conditioners. We complained that we have not been able to do that since we bought the central air conditioner. However, the HVAC technician asked if we had heard of zone-controlled heating and cooling. This allows your HVAC system to be split into sections so that your house could be heated or cooled in different sections. Although it costs money at first, you can save a lot of money by not having to use your central air conditioner or furnace to keep your entire house at the perfect temperature. He said that the zone-controlled heating and cooling also allowed you to set different temperatures based upon your specific temperature preferences in case anyone in the house disagreed on what the perfect temperature might be. We paid the price and installed zone-controlled heating, and honestly, we like it. I cannot believe that we never thought about adding this to our HVAC system. It has made things so much better.

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