Worth it-a security plan

I recently moved to a new town in the city, and a lot of people have warned me about theft along the street.

Instead of taking my chances, I decided it was worth getting a security plan set up.

It would let me sleep better at night. I got a lighting automation plan for the front and rear entrance of the house, and the motion detected lights make it great when I come loft late from the office. I don’t have to approach a concealed door and worry about an attacker. The automated lights also inform me when someone is coming to the house. I then got a security plan upgrade. I have detectors on my windows that will put an alarm out if they are broken into. I have detectors on my doors and I even splurged to have camera surveillance of my back entrance. It is genuinely simple to jump a fence into my backyard… With the camera, I feel a little more at ease. I can watch the live feed right from my phone, computer or ipad if I want to, and right before bed I make sure all the security features are operational and I do one last peak at the camera. I prefer knowing that I am protected and in the rare case of a breach, the regular authorities will be called. They do call initially when the sensor goes off. If I don’t respond and give the right code, the police are on the way to take care of the issue. It is worth spending a little to feel safe and secure at night in a town area.


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