Working on the air conditioner this Saturday

On Saturdays I spend my days at my office and my evenings in the restaurant where I work.

  • When I am done with my shift, my crew is usually too exhausted to do anything, so I just go home.

When I do get a Saturday off, I meet up with some friends after my office shift and spend the whole night out. It is very late by the time I go back home. With my schedule, I always forget to set my air conditioner before I leave for the evening. After a late night out, I hate coming back home to a muggy, stuffy house. The heat is absolutely dreadful when the air conditioning hasn’t been running. When I return from drinking with my pals, I crank the air conditioner to the highest setting, which does nothing to help my cooling costs. My bills increase tremondously during the months when I have many Saturday nights off. Although the difference isn’t much, I think I need to work out a plan to remind me to turn on my cooling system before I meet my friends. If I develop a system to turn the air conditioner on in advance, I will arrive home to an already chilled home. This way, I won’t spend unnecessary money on my cooling bills, and I won’t need to put stress on my cooling system to offset the A/C being off while I was out.
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