We have a great HVAC technician who taught our son a lot about HVAC work

We have a really great HVAC technician.

He has always been very thorough and regularly makes sure to explain everything that is going on with the HVAC and what he is doing to repair everything.

He has provided us with excellent energy saving tips over the years, and he even developed a good relationship with our son. Our son is always interested in what he is doing and loves to ask questions. Eventually, our son said how cool his HVAC hat was, and the HVAC technician gave him the hat to keep! It’s a really cool looking ballcap with the HVAC company name and logo. Now our son is always wearing that hat, after we washed it of course. He always makes sure to grab his hat when he hears that the HVAC technician is coming over for maintenance and repair work as well. I seriously think that our son wants to become an HVAC technician one day. He already acts like he’s an HVAC technician and he has learned so much from our regular HVAC technician. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised with how many questions our kid has asked, if he could actually do some of the HVAC repair and maintenance work on his own. I mean, he already knows how to change the air filters, and he always insists on doing that. Even when we were getting regular pleated air filters, our son said that we should think about going with HEPA air filters since they improve the air quality and last longer. He definitely knows what he’s talking about.


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