We decided we wanted a boat with good a/c on board

The current boat that all of us got has A/C; the two of us have owned numerous boats in our past, however none of them had A/C.

The two of us never thought that it was necessary since going out on a boat meant that all of us wanted to be out in the heat most of the time anyway.

I told my spouse a few months ago that all of us should find a boat with A/C, and he agreed with me. I was surprised because I thought for sure he would say that having a boat with A/C was a crazy idea, but when he said that he would begin looking for a boat with A/C, I almost fainted. I appreciate being out in the heat while I am boating, despite the fact that I also like to be able to get away from the heat sporadically. He found a boat that had a huge open section so that all of us could be outside when all of us wanted to, however it also had a smaller enclosed section where anyone could go to escape the heat. The enclosed area of the boat is also air conditioned, and it is so cool; about 4 people could fit in the air conditioned area of the boat together comfortably. Normally, it is just our spouse and I, so the air conditioned section is plenty for the two of us. There is genuinely a table in the air conditioned section that also turns into a bed, so all of us could sleep in our current boat if all of us wanted to. That makes myself and others so glad because there is no way that I would want to sleep in a boat separate from A/C while we are in the warm summer time mornings.


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