We are losing our minds right now

The Covid-19 crisis hit us especially hard! Both my wife and I work in the eating establishment and service in the street. During the quarantine, our eating establishments were shut down all over the place. Every one of us lost quite a few months worth of income and the unemployment checks were hardly enough to pay for our bills. I got behind a large amount on the rent and my wife and I were actually forced to transport out of our apartment. We had to transport in with my Mom and Dad. We are renting the basement for a small fee that covers the cost for our electric and heat. My mom and dad have been extremely helpful and supportive during this difficult time, however my wife does not care about living with other people… She is unquestionably sad about this situation. I keep telling my wife that things will get better in due time, however we seem to argue every single day. Just the other day my wife was unhappy because I did not want to turn on the area heater equipment. It’s a little frosty outside, however we have the baseboard heater. I believed the area gas furnace would make it too sizzling inside. I easily suggested keeping the area gas furnace off until we were ready to go to bed, and my wife and I ended up in a miserable argument. The two of us were yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs! My parents came down to the basement to make sure that everything was fine. My wife was concerned that they entered our personal area separate from an invitation. I sincerely can’t wait for the quarantine to be finished, so my wife and I can look for a locale of our own. Both of us are stressed too much.


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