Uncommon refrigerants can still work well for A/c units

It’s interesting to see things consistently evolving within the cooling Technology field.

When people came out with some flammable refrigerant it was a huge breakthrough for many air conditioners inside of cars.

The refrigerant was not flammable, so there was very little risk for the air conditioner on fire. There was also no real toxic fumes. With this refrigerant, they found that emissions caused a great deal of damage to our ozone layer. This is exactly why these coolants are now banned. Both of us have a new refrigerant that is known as R134a. This type is no longer used due to the fact that it also damages the ozone layer. Now we are using R22 refrigerant plus it does not do as much damage to the whole ozone layer. Over time it still causes some problems. There are some safe alternatives to using this refrigerant, though we don’t both suppose how it will affect the ozone layer plus local climate change. There are many folks who Suppose there is not a single reason to quit using R22, but these refrigerants have been shown to have multiple effects. Advanced cooling systems of today we’ll figure out a different type of refrigerant to use. I entirely hope that our – 410A is a promising refrigerant that both of us will be able to use 4 years plus years in the future on some Advanced cooling components. With things constantly changing, we suppose the best thing that anyone can do is to continue to learn about the things that will help the ozone layer or change the refrigerant used in the future.

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