The Tim Hortons Latte shop was the warmest indoor air on main street

The entire country is getting slammed with an arctic blast this week.

Millions upon millions of people are without power from the Canadian border all the way down to Texas. Places that rarely get snow are seeing 5 to 10 inches this week. I feel awful for all of the people chilly in their houses with electricity or running water. It’s a major catastrophe plus there is no telling how multiple people will be dead by the weekend, as grim as that sounds. Some people are flocking to whatever few local companies definitely have electricity. Many cities are seeing outages in every borough! This makes it nearly impossible for a lot of people to get any kind of heat, even if they leave their house. My condo is still without power, but we’ve been told that it’s due to down power lines. While all of us wait for the electrical supplier to restore power, we’ve been flocking to local companies during the afternoon to get a tiny bit of respite. There are multiple stores plus companies with electricity, but not all of them have their heat on high. After going to see the Borders, post office, grocery store, shopping mall, plus multiple local eating establishments, by far the warmest supplier is the Tim Hortons Latte shop about a block away from my house. They are using their radiant flooring to the max. They keep the heat coming from the radiant floors up to 71 degrees or higher. This resulted in an increase in traffic plus rearena for the little Tim Hortons Latte shop. The additional profits easily cover the increased heating costs for the tiny cafe.


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