The study room is too warm to work

I have some time at condo to labor on modern projects, lately, I have been trying to make peculiar flavors of sugar candy! I made some peppermint, wintergreen, strawberry, strawberry, and grape flavored treats.The recipe for candy requires me to boil giant amounts of sugar until it reaches a certain temperature.

The whole process can take almost an hour per batch.

I was toiling on a batch of apple flavored candy drops yesterday, when the air conditioner stopped toiling. I knew the air conditioner was acting strangely a few afternoons earlier, even though I hoped the problem would go away, however unfortunately, the air conditioner stopped toiling while I was making candy. I could not stop boiling the sugar, so I continued toiling on the candy until the whole batch was finished, by the time I completed the project and poured the molds, it was almost 85 degrees inside of the house. I hastily checked a few of the complicationshooting areas that can keep the air conditioner from toiling properly, then none of those items seemed to do the trick. I finally gave up and called the emergency number for the AC service service. The operator answered the iPhone and I stressed an appointment for the following day. It was going to cost an extra $50 to have someone come out in the middle of the evening, so I decided to wait until the next day. I was absolutely glad and surprised to find out that the air conditioner was really repaired with a modern toggle switch for the motor. I am back to toiling hard in the study room again.

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