The school is in need of an industrial boiler rental

I’m in my last year of undergraduate school as a biology student. Things haven’t been easy over the last semester. I had exams a week ago and I’m still waiting to see what my scores are going to be. I’m not preoccupied with my GPA as long as I don’t get anything lower than a high B, but it’s still daunting. The graduate school I plan to attend sent me an acceptance letter in the mail last week, so that has taken some of the pressure off with my ongoing school performance. They just don’t want to see my grades completely slip during my senior year. As a whole, I’ve managed to sustain my usual grades. However, I haven’t been comfortable recently in both my dorm and in all of my classrooms. Depending on what building you occupy on campus right now, you would either feel too cold or too hot. It’s the winter season, but some of the boilers aren’t working in various places throughout the whole campus. The building that houses my dorm is one of the places with a broken boiler. I’ve been freezing in my room while trying to desperately sleep every night while shivering constantly. I had to purchase a space heater yesterday just to stay warm. I heard from one of the maintenance workers that the administration had ordered an industrial boiler rental while fixing the broken boiler in our building. Every part of me hopes the rumor is true, because this small and flimsy space heater isn’t going to cut it in this insanely cold weather.
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