The lighting with photography stage rentals can be very expensive

My brother is about set to graduate from his master’s program in visual arts.

He is primarily a photographer, however is excellent at sculpting & painting as well. The interest in visual arts started when we were young, as our mother used to take us to a nearby pottery studio to take ceramics lessons. I never took to it, however my brother was immediately fascinated by clay & what he could create with it. He became incredibly skilled at sculpting at a young age, winning many competitions once he reached middle school. When he started high school, he was dead set on becoming a sculptor in some capacity later in life. It was a random photography class that basically altered his destiny & his interest in the arts for good. Now that he works as a professional photographer, he can be quite occupied from one moment to the next. Occasionally he is shooting mostly portraits while other weeks he will be working major events like wedding ceremonies or corporate meetings. Depending on the gig, there can be a bunch of components to haul. He has some of his own lights & film equipment, however often he has to find a rental place to rent more photography components from. It ends up being less expensive for him to rent a few things on the side when he needs them instead of filling his residence with every piece of photography gear & components that he can possibly get his hands on. Unless you’re using the components every other afternoon, it can get undoubtedly expensive if you try to buy everything yourself. He gets a new light every so often, however usually the ones he uses for anything except portraits are rentals.

Pro sound stage and lighting

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