The future in security is online

My Grandfather started a private security firm here in the city! Of course back then it was hardly considered a “city” but has grown a lot since then.

We aren’t the sort of business that hires bodyguards for you, we are more like security consultants that will get you set up with your own customized system, grandfather handed the business to his son, and the time is coming up for my dad to retire and hand the company over to me, the nature of this business is constantly evolving, and I know the future is in cyber security! My dad is not so sure, because all he knows is traditional security and really believes that a firewall is a literal wall that is on fire.

I do know that there will constantly be a market for traditional security, but I believe a company needs to follow the money, and there is big money in cybersecurity. By breaching an alarm system, a thief can steal all the money in the building, but by breaching network perimeter security they can steal every penny you have in the bank. That’s what scares people, that criminals with a keyboard can circumvent your server firewall and data encryption, and access all the data you have. It is impossible to have a business these days without using a computer, or a bank, or the internet, which means every single business is potentially vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. My dad is starting to come around, and prefers the plan of opening a cybersecurity office here in the business, as a start.


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