The chimney sweep discovered a hornet’s nest when he was cleaning our chimney

This year when we had a chimney sweep come out to clean the chimney and have it ready for the winter, the chimney sweep discovered a hornet’s nest inside the chimney! We honestly had no idea that there were hornets inside of the chimney.

Before he noticed the hornet’s nest, he already disturbed the hornets and we all had to run out of the house! He said that I had to get a hornet removal service or exterminator right away. So I reached out for hornet removal services, and they only had exterminators. I felt bad about having to kill the hornets, but it was dangerous to have them keep residence inside of our chimney. I mean I guess the smoke from the fireplace would have sent them packing, but I didn’t want to have to wait for something like that. So I had the exterminator come and take care of the hornets in the chimney of the fireplace. When that was all handled, the chimney sweep was relieved and he was able to finish cleaning out the chimney with no further issues. That was a whole lot of hassle to get our fireplace ready this year, but I’m glad it was all taken care of. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to use the fireplace without the chimney sweep and then having to deal with a bunch of angry hornets in our house! We all probably would have been stung like crazy, and that would have just been an awful experience. I’m glad we didn’t have any serious trouble with the fireplace and the hornets.



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