My wifey and I had a nice passionate lunch planned

My wifey and I planned a passionate lunch to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! I obtained her a dozen roses and I picked her up in a silver trans am that I borrowed from a friend.

All of us drove with the top down and the warm, Summer wind smelled great. All of us could smell salt in the air from the beach and sugar and candy from the vendors on the boardwalk. It was a charming night and the sunshine was just starting to set when the people I was with and I pulled into the parking lot, and my wifey looked lovely. She was wearing a green dress with gold buttons and a white blazer. All of us walked over to the restaurant, which was about numerous blocks away from our parking spot. As the people I was with and I approached the door, I saw a sign on the front that said no AC. My wifey noticed the no AC sign as well and the people I was with and I both looked at each other! The host told us that the AC was temporarily broken, however they had a service crew on the way. They gave to seat us outdoors if the people I was with and I wanted to stay. I didn’t care if the people I was with and I sat outdoors, so I told our wifey that she had the choice. All of us decided to kneel at a small booth in the corner of the room. All of us were close to the kitchen and I could smell the steak burning on the grill. It smelled delicious and tasted even better. Even though the AC never worked the whole time the people I was with and I were there, the people I was with and I still had a great lunch and a lovelyly fun night.

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