My neighbor is jealous of our HVAC system

My neighbor Teresa acts like she’s jealous of our HVAC system.

I think that’s pretty silly, but I’m not a person who ever really feels like I’m jealous of other people most of the time.

I guess whenever others seem to be jealous of me, it just doesn’t make very much sense to me. Anyway, we had to get a new heating and cooling system in our house a few weeks ago. Our old one was really out of date and it had been in the house ever since it was built almost twenty five years ago. We knew that it was time for an update and so we started looking around in our area for a really good HVAC company that was having a sale. We found a local family owned heating and cooling business that was offering twenty percent off of new HVAC units along with free installation and so we made an appointment. After we had the HVAC system installed, the indoor air quality in our house improved dramatically. We are really loving the new heating and cooling system, but the best part of it all is the smart thermostat system that the HVAC company installed at the same time. The smart thermostat is pretty amazing. It is learning our family’s schedule and I’m positive that it’s going to be saving us money on our heating and cooling bills in no time. The neighbors started asking us about our new HVAC system and Teresa was really interested in finding out about the thermostat. She keeps asking me about it and she talks about it all the time.


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