My heating and cooling contractor offers 24/hour emergency repairs and service

There are few things more daunting than dealing with a major emergency in the middle of the night.

I lost power at 3am on a random winter day last month.

I looked outside and saw that some of my neighbor’s still had outdoor lights on at the time. As a result, I assumed that I had an isolated power issue. I spent an hour looking for emergency electricians on my phone while the temperatures in my house plummeted below 30 degrees. By the time I had found a good electrician, my power suddenly turned back on. I found out later that it was a central line that had to be restored, and the neighbors with outdoor lights had backup generators running. But when my heater quit working in the middle of the night a few nights ago, I wasn’t so lucky. Unfortunately, my power was still working and there were no other issues around the house. I realized quickly that I’d have an ice cold house by the morning if I didn’t call my HVAC supplier’s 24/7 emergency service line. My disabled mother needs constant heat, otherwise she’ll get sick. It might have cost me an arm and a leg, but my heating and cooling technician arrived within 20 minutes of me calling their emergency service line. I’m so thankful that my HVAC contractor handles emergency calls 24/7. There are some situations where you either can’t wait until the morning, or can’t wait on the weekend until you reach Monday. My HVAC technician had my electric furnace running again in the course of an hour.


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