Moving has not been such an easy thing for us

The Covid-19 crisis hit our family entirely hard.

Both my spouse & I toil in the eating establishment & service in the street.

During the quarantine, our eating establishments were shut down though! Every one of us lost multiple months worth of income & the unemployment checks hardly covered our bills. I got behind on the rent & my family & I were essentially forced to transport out of our apartment. Every one of us had to transport in with my parents. Every one of us currently rent the basement for a small fee that covers our electric & heat. My parents have been especially helpful & supportive during this time, but my family does not prefer living with other people. My family is legitimately unhappy with our situation, but I keep telling everybody that things will eventually get better. The people I was with and I seem to argue on a regular basis. Yesterday my spouse was unhappy because I did not want to turn on the space heater. It’s a little nippy outside, but the people I was with and I have the baseboard heater. I believed the space gas furnace would make it far too warm. I suggested keeping the space gas furnace off until the people I was with and I were prepared to go to bed, & my spouse & I ended up in an immense argument. We honestly were yelling & screaming legitimately loudly. Then my parents came down to the basement to make sure that everything was alright. My spouse was aggravated that they entered our personal space without any sort of invitation. I can’t wait for the quarantine to be over, so my family & I will be able to look for a place of our own. We all are truly stressed & ready to blow.


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