Moving has been hard on everyone in the family

The Covid-19 crisis hit my family pretty hard.

Both my wife and I work in the restaurant and service in the street.

During the quarantine, our restaurants were shut down. We lost two months worth of income and the unemployment checks barely paid our bills. I got behind on the rent and my wife and I were forced to move out of our apartment. We had to move in with my Mom and Dad. We currently rent the basement for a small fee that covers our electric and heat. My mom and dad have been really helpful and supportive during the time, but my wife does not enjoy living with other people. She is very unhappy with our situation. I keep telling my wife that things will eventually get better, but we seem to argue every single day.Yesterday my wife was unhappy because I didn’t want to turn on the space heater. It’s a little chilly outside, but we have the baseboard heater. I believed the space heater would make it way too warm. I suggested keeping the space heater off until we were ready to go to bed, and my wife and I ended up in a huge argument. We were yelling and screaming very loudly. My parents came down to the basement to make sure that everything was fine. My wife was upset that they entered our personal space without an invitation. I can’t wait for the quarantine to be over, so my wife and I can’t look for a place of our own. Both of us are stressed out and ready to blow.



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